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Starting letter for tutors

Starting letter for tutors

Dear tutors,

we are happy and grateful that you would like to serve as tutors for the students in the next school year. Without your help and dedication it would not be possible to implement the course so well.
The students are already looking forward to the school year and have already started with their first homework.


Register on the Bible survey platform. Please go to the {{ loginLink }} page and use your e-mail address "{{username}}" and your password "{{password}}" (without quotation marks, please note that the password is case-sensitive).

Look around on the platform. It is kept very intuitive.
It would be nice if you could upload a photo of yourself so that you are not just a name for the students.

First tasks

You write to your students via the message function and greet them.

Please rate Genesis promptly! You can find the exact procedure in the PDF file {{articleFile:Evaluation Guidelines}}}. Please read the information carefully, because most questions are well explained and answered here. The rest will come in practice... Reading through the evaluation guidelines is mandatory for every tutor, no matter how often he has already corrected.

In addition, please read the course description for the students of each location. You can find this on the start page under Documents.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at any time!

Have fun at the start!

Updated on: 14/09/2021

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