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Start letter for administrators

Start letter for administrators

Dear Administrator,

We are happy that you have chosen Bible survey online. Our wish and prayer is that this tool will be a blessing for you.


The login takes place on {{loginLink}}.

Username: "{{username}}"

Password: "{{password}}" (without quotation marks, case sensitive in the password)

What happens next?

The instructions below for starting a course are the best starting point: {{base}}docs/view?category=tutorial&name=start-a-course

There it is explained how to create a course.


Instructions and tutorials can be found here: {{base}}docs/list


In the library we have created a collection of documents for them, which will help them get started with Bible survey. You can find them in the menu above under Library, or by clicking on this link: {{base}}library/list.


We have a demo environment of Bible survey online:

There you can take your time to see how Bible survey works and also try things out. You don't have to be afraid to break something there.

Privacy policy

Our privacy policy for the use of Bible survey online can be found here: {{base}}site/privacy.


You have questions? It is possible that these are already answered in the FAQ:

But you can reach us at

Updated on: 14/09/2021

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