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Starting letter for students

Starting letter for students

Hello {{{first name}},
We are happy that you have chosen Bible survey online and congratulate you on this decision! A very intensive year is coming up to you now! We pray and work as a whole church so that it will be a sanctifying and edifying year for you. We are convinced that the study of the Word of God is a very challenging, but also incredibly rewarding activity. We wish you much success and look forward to the time together.

With this e-mail we would like to give you all the information you need for a successful start. If there is still something left open, please do not hesitate to call the respective contact person or email us your questions.


Very important for your planning are the lesson dates. Participation in all dates of the curriculum has priority and is therefore compulsory and part of the grade. In case of unavoidable absences, please contact the teacher as soon as possible. (You can find the curriculum and all other documents on the Bible survey platform, see below).

Bible survey platform

The Bible survey platform is a tool for the complete processing of the monthly homework: From the creation, correction and submission by the student to the control and evaluation by the tutor to the archiving and formation of the final grade, everything is done in one place.

To log in to the Bible survey platform, please go to the {{{loginLink}} page and use your email address "{{{{username}}" and your password "{{{password}}" (without quotation marks, case sensitive).

After you have logged in to the Bible survey platform, you will find all necessary documents on your virtual "desk" (e.g. the course description for Bible survey, the curriculum, required reading assignments for the first weekend of class, etc.). All documents will be made available to you in the next few days.

Bible survey: Course description

It is important that you know the course description almost by heart (you can find it as a PDF document on the Bible survey platform); here you can get information about goals and methodology.

Bible survey: Homework

The advantage of learning at EBTC is that, unlike full-time studies, you can continue your professional and community activities - albeit with restrictions. A large part of the learning therefore takes place at home in the form of homework. The joint lessons on the monthly weekend round off this learning, complement it and provide an opportunity for exchange. We pray that God will give you the discipline and the external circumstances to really do this homework regularly. Please do not underestimate this: you should reserve about two hours per weekday for study.
The homework consists of

+ reading assignments: Completing it on time is an indispensable preparation for the lectures in class!
+ Written assignments: The homework must be handed in before the weekend of class (unless otherwise stated in the curriculum). This also applies to the opening weekend!

You can find out more about this in the course description, which (in case we haven't mentioned it yet) you must know very well! You will submit all written work via the Bible survey platform.

Every beginning is hard! Please be indulgent with yourself and allow a certain amount of time for familiarization: What seems confusing at the beginning ("What should I write?", "How should one summarize a whole chapter in seven words?") will be familiarized in no time. Trust us... you will notice the progress yourself. So have a little patience with yourself. Don't wait (!) for the tutor's evaluation either, but work as continuously as you can.

Note that the biggest homework load is in the four weeks immediately after the opening weekend. You are welcome to do some preparatory work. In any case, you should keep this period free of avoidable deadlines and challenges. Therefore inform your environment and ask them for loving support of your decision!

Practical Theology: Course Description & Homework

The course description as well as the homework for the subject Practical Theology will be handed out on the first weekend of class. No homework has to be done in this subject until then.


The lessons take place in the premises of the (municipality).


Brothers and sisters from our congregation lovingly care for our physical well-being. On the days of classes we are provided with lunch. During the small breaks in between, simple cold and hot drinks and snacks are available.


On the first weekend of classes we will start quite relaxed (after that it will be hard!). We will be happy to clarify further questions there, also regarding the form and content of homework.
If you have any general questions (Bible survey platform, homework, finances, accommodation etc.) you can contact us.
That was a lot of information now. This should not kill you, but serve you as a first orientation.

We are looking forward to the time with you and the others.

Updated on: 14/09/2021

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