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The final mark for the certificate is calculated from the 3 individual marks of each subject.
These are

Subject: Bible Survey OT
Subject: Bible Survey NT
Subject: Practical Theology

However, these are weighted and included in the final grade. They have the following weightings:

Subject: Bible survey OT - 40%
Subject: Bible survey NT - 40%
Subject: Practical Theology - 20%

If the subject Practical Theology was not part of the course, then the weighting is:

Subject: Bible survey OT - 50%
Subject: Bible survey NT - 50%

The marks for the subjects Bible survey OT and NT are calculated from three individual marks. These are

books (70%)
final thesis (20%)
presence (10%)

As for the grade for the books, it is important to know that each book has a weighting that corresponds to its length.
The grade for Practical Theology is made up of the tasks (90%) and attendance (10%).

Updated on: 14/09/2021

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