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Starting a course

Starting a course

In this tutorial we will learn the basics of how to start a course in Bible Survey Online.
First we will create the course itself, then we will create the students and then set the dates.

1. Create course

We go to "Courses" in the menu and then to "Create course" in the submenu on the right.

The following information must be entered there:

name - a short and clear mention
Active - should be set to "active
course type: should be basic
Course Packages - "Bible study package" and "Own course package" should be selected. If you also want to do practical theology, then also select "Practical Theology".

2. Create students

We go to "User" in the menu and then to "Create user" in the submenu on the right.

There you have to enter the following information:

First name
Last name
Password - if left blank, a secure password will be generated automatically - this will be sent to the student if the field "Send an email with the access data to the user" is checked
Role - More information about the different roles

And then click on "Save".

If it is a student, then you can enter the following information.

tutor - who is the tutor of this person?
profile picture

If it is a tutor, you can enter the following information:

student - which students should he tutor?
profile picture

3. Schedule dates

We go to "Courses" in the menu and click on the name of the created course.

There we go to "Set dates and tasks".

There we click on "Add date" for each date and enter the following information:

name - short title for the event (if it is monthly, then the name of the month is worthwhile)
To be handed in on - date for handing in homework
absences - select a procedure there after the attendance is queried. Leave empty if you are not meeting.
Tasks - add one or more tasks for the appointment there.

When you are finished, click on "Apply" at the bottom.

We go back to the overview of the course by going to "Courses" in the menu and then clicking on the name of the course.

Then we click on "Overview of progress". There we should see an overview of all the students and the assignments.

We can click on the "right arrow" next to the student's name, then we see everything as the student would see it to check if everything is set up correctly.

Updated on: 01/11/2021

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